What My Clients Say...
"I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I appreciate the software development work you are doing for us. Your consistent ability to provide us with excellent user-interface tools for our hardware has allowed us to offer our customers a lot more with our limited resources. The control panels you have developed have really set us apart - even our competitors have acknowledged the quality and ease-of-use of our tools.

"Your flexibility and commitment mean a lot to me. I am looking forward to working with you on our next project."

Mark Rives, Senior Applications Engineer
National Semiconductor, Fort Collins Design Center
"I am a Design / Applications engineer at National Semiconductor. As part of my job, I develop evaluation boards for our IC products. These boards contain logic that interfaces our products to a PC via RS232. The PC runs a graphical control panel which allows the user to evaluate our products with a minimal amount of training. The software provides an intuitive interface to the registers in the product and various control functions of the evaluation board.

"Leroy Casterline has developed several PC programs for our evaluation boards. The latest one is quite complex as it supports 3 evaluation boards simultaneously. It includes the software for two previous evaluation boards and adds support for a third. It has roughly 15 graphical control panels with dropdown lists and pushbuttons, a scripting language, a Matlab interface, control of an IEEE-488 interface, and control of 3 RS232 ports.

"Leroy's work is excellent, both in quality and timeliness. He is very easy to work with and produces stunning results with minimal guidance. He responds quickly to make changes and correct functionality problems.

"Leroy does what's necessary to get the job done. For our latest project, he worked with other companies to solve difficulties with the Matlab interface and the IEEE-488 interface. On several occasions, he worked late in the evening to have updated software ready by the following morning.

"I highly recommend Leroy to anyone needing similar software. His efforts have allowed us to develop evaluation boards which allow us to focus on using our products instead of determining how to configure them."

Don Novy, Design / Applications Engineer
National Semiconductor, Fort Collins Design Center

"Leroy Casterline worked on our project for 9 months. During that time, he was given a lot of responsibility and freedom to design, code and communicate with management as to the progress of multiple jobs that were assigned to him.

"He was very sharp, volunteering new ways of doing things as well as learning and accepting what must be done. He was self directed and motivated, contributing not just to the technical aspects of the job, but boosting morale of the people around him. On a few occasions, he voluntarily worked an enormous amount of overtime after hours to complete a project with a level of excellence that was more than the assignment required.

"Leroy is completely professional, and I feel that he will be a significant contributor in any programming effort."

Mike Wong, Programming Manager
IBM Graphics Programming Lab
"My name is Craig Swing and I have been an Electrical Engineer for over 20 years, working primarily in hardware development for communications systems. For the last 12 years I have worked for National Semiconductor, developing and managing wireless telecommunications systems projects. Over the last 6 months we have solicited the services of Leroy Casterline.

"In January of 1999 I was asked to complete a cellular telephone base station radio receiver demonstration platform that was scheduled to be completed in early February of 1999 and taken on the road throughout Europe. The project was under close scrutiny by the corporate vice-president in change of our $1 billion Analog Division. The 'glue' that held the demonstration system together was the software control panel that ran the system, and my fate was in Leroy's hands.

"Leroy delivered on time, on budget, and it worked perfectly. As far as I'm concerned Leroy did in weeks what would have taken others months to complete. He saved the project, and I wound up looking like a hero because of him.

"Needless to say, I recommend Leroy Casterline."

Craig Swing, Group Leader, System Products Group
National Semiconductor, Fort Collins Design Center
"Your team performed exceptionally well in our recent project. There were several difficulties in this project including unclear specifications, a tight timeframe, several difficult firmware problems, tight memory constraints and an unstable hardware platform. In this difficult environment, your team performed admirably. They worked with a sense of commitment to the job, as if it were their own product. They produced above and beyond the specifications, even though you were on a fixed price contract. They were a joy to work with, even after long hours and high stress. They worked through several weekends to produce in a timely manner. InfoAmerica is very pleased with this work. This type of attitude makes your team real winners. We plan to use you again whenever possible."

Larry J. Salmen, Vice President
"Hach contracted with Leroy Casterline to develop a program to interface a scanning spectrophotometer to a PC for data collection and graphic analysis. Leroy performed the work in a timely fashion, and the results met out needs well. The source code provided to us upon completion was well documented and logically structured.

"As a result of their performance on the first project, we again contracted with Leroy to develop an interface program between our own product, a direct reading spectrophotometer, and a PC. This project was for the purpose of producing an end product which Hach would then offer for sale. Again, the work was completed on schedule and the results were excellent. The user interface was well thought out, and user acceptance of the program has been excellent."

Arthur L. Sampson, Product Area Manager
Hach Company
"On behalf of myself and AiC, I want to recognize your extra effort toward AiC and our clients. This is very apparent from comments by Mike Wong at IBM to the effect that he gives you the 'hard' projects and feels comfortable that you will complete them."

Gary Mosley
Analysts International Corporation
"Although we had a very tight schedule and somewhat vague specifications, Leroy completed the task on time. The product performs well and we are very pleased with the effort he expended to ensure that the product is easy to use... I would highly recommend Leroy Casterline for any firmware/software design work."

Greg Reed, Engineering Manager
Baker Instrument Company
"Leroy Casterline is a fast learner on even the most complex of concepts. He is capable of doing both high level and low level design work, as well as implementation. He has a very low bug rate per line of code and can correct any errors very rapidly. He gets along very well with his fellow workers and is always ready to help out others in whatever manner he can, even if it means putting in extra hours to get his own work assignment completed."

Daniel A. Newman, Lead Programmer
IBM Publishing Systems Business Unit
"We have relied on Leroy Casterline for years to do innovative and cost effective software and firmware design and implementation for our line of telecommunications products. He has consistently demonstrated proficiency and professionalism in all phases of new product development and ongoing product support."

Norm Morgan, Manager
Logotronix Communications, LLC
"Leroy Casterline provided our watershed modeling program with a user interface far superior to that of our competitors. Our clients have been very impressed, and training them couldn't be easier."

Lyle Zevenbergen, Project Engineer
Water Engineering Technology, Inc.
"I am pleased to recommend Leroy Casterline for any consulting requirements you may have. Mr. Casterline has done an excellent job in setting up a complete interoffice communications system between our sales office here in Fort Collins and our corporate office and manufacturing facility on the east coast."

Kathy Akiyama, Assistant Director of U.S. Sales
Electro-Kinetic Systems, Inc.
"Wildlife Laboratories wishes to express its gratitude to Leroy Casterline for your highly professional performance and extremely high quality product...I want to thank you for your personal effort in this project and your ability to meet seemingly unrealistic and impossible deadlines imposed upon us during this project. Please accept this letter as an indication of our complete endorsement of you and your company."

W.R. Lance, Ph.D.
Wildlife Laboratories, Incorporated